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Our vision


At STRONG GORILLA, we believe that greatness is #BuiltNOTBorn. Genetics become largely irrelevant when you apply a strong work ethic. Being athletes ourselves we know that good work ethic will beat lazy natural talent every single time! That’s why we make high performance sport and lifestyle clothing that lets you work hard day in, day out.

We Sew & Print all of our products locally and we promise to NEVER drop the standard of our quality!

We believe our simplistic designs mixed with our top quality garments makes purchasing our clothes one of the best choices you will ever make!

Ambassador Program


We want to know what sponsorship means to you, how it impacts your life, how you feel you can contribute to #STRONGGORILLA as an ambassador for our company, as well as about your past sponsorships (if applicable) and why you have chosen to pursue sponsorship with us.

Please fill out all fields and mail to marketing@stronggorilla.eu.
Only top candidates will be contacted